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Cute Plush Toys Cartoon Animal Family Finger Puppets

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Item Code: gcsy40087
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Cute Plush Toys Cartoon Animal Family Finger Puppets


Color:10pcs animal style,6pcs family style

Animal style includes: Small cows, small frogs, small rabbits, small pink elephant, the little mouse, panda,

little yellow duck, little blue hippo, small white bear and small brown dog

Family style includes: Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister

Compact design, you can wear them on your fingers and move fingers.
Pretty cute puppets, the best props for kids learning the character of family members.
Inner elastic keeps the puppets on your fingers firmly and you never worry they will drop down when you play them.
Very entertaining for children and easy to use.
Your children's bed story will be more lively.
Lots of entertainment, just use your imagination.